Missed me? What I thought would be a brief hiatus in blogging due to some technical problems with my old host turned into a months-long silence due to problems with their version of WordPress. The entire academic year has gone by without a blog post from yours truly: what a tragedy, no? Well, not really, but I’ve missed it.

Twitter was a bit of a lifeline: check me out at Twitter if you’re on there, too. I also have to thank Historiann, Another Damned Medievalist, Bardiac, Dr. Crazy, Inktopia and many other bloggers for providing moral support as well as a virtual place to hang out during my long hiatus.

Rather than futz around any longer, I’ve switched over to for my blog hosting needs. It’s a bargain when all you really want for your domain is blog hosting and a tiny bit of file-hosting as the only cost is your domain mapping with and registration elsewhere.



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4 responses to “Relaunched

  1. Well, I’ve missed you! Welcome back!

    • jliedl

      Thanks! I let the technological troubles at my old host get the better of me, but I finally couldn’t resist getting back in the saddle, again. I missed blogging too much!

  2. Mike

    Good to see you back, luv.