Seeking Sessionals in Sudbury

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Of interest to ABDs and Ph.D.s in Canada or with Canadian residency/citizenship who can consider relocating for a term or two to Sudbury, Ontario for sessional work (that’s course-by-course pay to a maximum of 12 credits, no limited term appointments). My department is advertising the following courses for fall/winter 2011-2012 (September-December, January-April).

HIST 1406E – Canadian History: Pre-Confederation (Fall 3cr)
HIST 1407E – Canadian History: Post-Confederation (Winter 3cr)
HIST 2136E – A History of French Canada (Winter 3cr)
HIST 2406E – Early Modern British History (Fall 3cr)
HIST 2557F – L’Europe à la fin de l’ère pré-industrielle (Automne 3cr)
HIST 2567E – European History Since World War II (Winter 3cr)
HIST 3106E – History of the Canadian Family (Fall 3cr)
HIST 3196F – Le Canada depuis l’industrialisation: choix de thèmes (Hiver 3cr)
HIST 3256E – History of Ontario: Selected Topics (Fall 3cr)
HIST 4225E – Canadian Social History: Selected Themes (Fall-Winter 6cr)

If you’re interested, email me for the detailed posting information of various courses. The rate of pay is listed in the LUFA-APUL Collective Agreement, 2008-2011.

The closing date for most of these is June 3, 2011 but a few close sooner.


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