Ceding Control

Eldest drove the car for the first time today. She’d practised parking it several times over the last few months but now, fresh from her driver’s education classwork and with the appropriate license in hand, she was ready. Her father took her to the university parking lot to practice the feel of turns at somewhat greater speed than a crawl. After their return, I let her take the car all around our neighbourhood.

A classic suburban subdivision ‘loops and lollipops’ residential design, our neighbourhood provided plenty of opportunities to practice stops, starts, turns and politely edging over when other traffic came in the opposite direction. Her confidence blossomed as we travelled the streets.

Later in the day, she got to drive from a nearby neighbourhood onto one of the larger local arteries to a nearby shopping plaza and then, after our errands accomplished, I agreed to her suggestion that she drive us home.

She’s going to be a good driver, already taking control of the car with care and skill. I will gracefully, I hope, cede control to her in this and all those other rites of passage.



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3 responses to “Ceding Control

  1. CK

    That is a lovely way to look at it. Congrats!

  2. Goodness, what a huge milestone! Congrats and good luck to everyone in making this big transition.

  3. Good luck with this. I think you’re quite brave, and admire your attitude, Janice! Your new-driver-daughter is fortunate indeed.