The Most Frustrating Day of My Life

That would be today. You may call it Valentine’s Day. I’d call it the day that I attempted to get three bureaucratic entities to give me one piece of paper only to be stonewalled again and again.

Three and a half hours after starting out on the short errand, I finally had the correct material clutched in my tear-stained hands.

I should have been prepared because anything that involves the provincial government’s bureaucracy is particularly problematic. This was precisely what I experienced only multiplied because it involved a vague and confused phone rep at the insurance company and a blithely uncommunicative soul at a local business. I had websites, an office and people on the phone giving unclear and conflicting information that sent me here and there, then back here and then over there and, finally, finally, to tbe office where someone could take my money and actually provide me with the correct piece of paper.


Nothing should ever be this frustrating. Let’s just hope that I’ve hit my quota of Kafka-esque moments because the next two days hold the prospect for further breakdowns as I finish off today’s insurance task and then tackle an entirely different one on Thursday.



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6 responses to “The Most Frustrating Day of My Life

  1. meg


    At least you got the damned piece of paper.

  2. Ink

    Gah! Hope today is MUCH better.

    • J Liedl

      Today’s batting somewhat better than yesterday but I just found out that a midday commitment had to be rescheduled only nobody informed me until I was already there.


  3. Barbara

    So sorry kiddo. Guess you and I have had similar days. I am so ready to blow this Popsicle stand. You and the family want to come?