Day Tripper

Friday morning I awoke well before dawn. I had a scholarship board meeting in Toronto which is a four hour drive south (if you’re lucky and an accident hasn’t closed the two-lane section of the only road, necessitating a four-hour detour). Fortunately, there’s an alternative: flying. If you leave at a godawful hour, you can make the drive from our house to the airport in 20 minutes (half the time it takes during the busy times of day). And my flight took me in and out of the Toronto Island airport, a few minutes ferry and shuttle from Union Station. What’s not to like about that (extra bonus points for not flying into Toronto’s main airport with Air Canada which was shut down by a wildcat strike Friday morning.

So I flew down and back for the day, just as I’d done for our November meeting. Day Tripper, yeah! This time, all I took was my purse which is large enough to accommodate my netbook where I’d downloaded all the documents I’d need for the meeting and my ereader to pass the time. For take-off and landing I brought along a plain old paper notebook and managed to draft out about 800 words on a new writing project by putting pen to paper.

I have to admit that I loved being able to breeze through security or take an easy walk over to Yonge Street to window-shop once all of our business was wrapped up. No briefcase, backpack or other bag. What a great way to travel!

The Beatles – Day Tripper



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3 responses to “Day Tripper

  1. Ink

    Yay! It sounds fabulous.

    (Spent a few weeks in Toronto once and *loved* being able to walk everywhere! What a great city.)

    • J Liedl

      It’s my grad school town so I know it well. Very walkable in the core and within neighbourhoods. The rest of the public transit – subway, streetcars and buses – works so nicely, too.

  2. Ink

    Yes, what an amazing place! The arts and culture = magnificent. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to so many museums and plays (it was during the Fringe festival so there were events everywhere) in such a short period of time. Happy sigh.