One Week Out

Classes start next Wednesday and, oh!, I’m so not ready. Even with adopting new textbooks, I have the first-year course almost nailed down (just have to check a few dates against scheduled workshops and my conference travel), a senior syllabus that still has to have assignments finalized and a grad course syllabus that I haven’t even touched yet. At least the last is the easiest, seeing how much I loved last year’s iteration. Knowing I can apply the same formula with only a few changes is helpful. But there are still all the course shells to set up in our newly-updated Course Management Software.

*sobs discreetly*

But getting courses prepared is hardly the only thing I’m doing to get ready for the new term. There are graduating M.A. students whose final work has to be graded. There are various administrative duties and committees already raising their ugly heads. I’ve just finished proofing the index for the current book and editing another chapter for the next. Let’s not forget the research grant, my own writing and the vain hope of tidying my office in the wake of the Great Floor Waxing of the Summer of 2012.

What’s got you worried for Fall, 2012?


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