With a Little Help

The virtual commons has been my second home for quite some time now. As the lone Anglophone premodernist on my faculty, it’s great to be able to turn to the online world and get the feedback, advice and support I’ve missed since grad school. In the 90s, we did this on listservs and Usenet. In the last decade? The blogosphere’s been the place to be, but over the last few years, Twitter’s become the digital equivalent of the old water cooler. (We used to discuss “Murphy Brown” at mine. Oh, I know I’m dating myself with that!)

Got a question about where to find an obscure source or who might be the expert on a tangential topic important to your research? Ask the #twitterstorians! Need to plan for some upcoming meetings or want some feedback on work in progress? You can’t do better than starting with the #twitterstorians. Want to share some triumphs as well as the occasional frustrations of your historical work: teaching, researching or in outreach? Turn to #twitterstorians.

Thanks to Katrina and all the others who’ve made the tag come alive this past year and may we have many more years of camaraderie ahead of us! Happy Anniversary, #twitterstorians!



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5 responses to “With a Little Help

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  2. hmm so excited to learn about this as I venture into twitter as my sabbatical technology development

    • jliedl

      Twitter is a great tool and it’s amazing how many historians are finding ways to work with it. Enjoy your sabbatical, too, by the way!

      • thanks, if I were only willing to write non-pseudonymously I could really see how twitter might be a great networking tool. Hmmmmm need to think about that one some more. And thanks. So far #sabbaticalrocks

  3. now all i have to do is figure out how to use twitter…