Interesting Times

You know the curse “May you live in interesting times”?

I’m living them right now and while many elements in my life are going swimmingly (my classes have started fantastically well, the family’s busy and healthy, I’m making progress in writing as well as editing), the ominous shadow of those “interesting times” looms overhead. It dogs my footsteps when I’m out walking the dogs. It sits on my shoulder and distracts me from pleasant family time. It follows me into my dreams. I can’t get past the concern to blog about anything else and I certainly can’t blog about this!

Soon I’ll have some information that might help put these worries into perspective. More likely, it’ll simply lay out the parameters for a scary next few months. Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog about the rest of my life once I’ve digested the news.



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2 responses to “Interesting Times

  1. yikes or yeah not sure, but I get it. I’ve been waking at the crack of dawn every day because I just can’t stop thinking/worrying.

  2. jliedl

    I know they say that misery loves company, but I feel sad so many others feel this way. The good news is that the meeting didn’t bring so much bad news as I expected. But I still see all the worries, issues and caveats ahead that likely means tonight’s sleep won’t be much more restful.

    Wishing you and me both some prospects of better times.