Three Down, One to Go

I’ve submitted marks for three of my classes, now only the last group remains. It’s all down to how quickly I can plow through about seventy final exams. I don’t want to waste time counting them up: the total would be enough to make my cry in any case.

Once again, I will note my bemusement with the many students who have handed in not a single assignment for the course but still come in to write the final exam. Even when it’s worth 35% of the course mark, anyone should see that’s insufficient for a pass!



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2 responses to “Three Down, One to Go

  1. I’ve definitely seen a bunch of that this term: students who take all the tests, but do none of the other written work, or who seem to think I’m one of those “drop lowest/miss one free” guys (in fairness, sometimes I am, but not this term).

  2. Sm

    I was told long ago that if you were borrowing money from OSAP and did not take the final exam, the govt would come after you right away, but if you took the exam, even if you failed the course you were ok — at least for the moment.

    That’s anecdotal and unverified.