Out with the Old

Ding, dong, the term is dead. Well, except for one last grad course assignment to wrangle. I have to get the chair to sign off on the big survey class’s marks tomorrow morning, as well, but, really, it’s done. I taught two undergraduate classes, one graduate directed readings for two students (so two separate classes but we kind of mushed them up by finding common ground for this past term) and yet one other graduate class that actually integrated in with my senior seminar. Officially four classes on my plate with just over a hundred students between them all.

This term, I’ve also written two short chapters (well, solo-written one, and co-written the other) as well as prepared and submitted a research grant. I’ve edited so many chapters, I’m no longer able to keep count of those!

No time to rest: I’m already knee-deep in the thick of other projects. We’re copy-editing STar Wars and History (which is a fascinating process in and of itself), I’m back to draft-editing chapters for The Hobbit and History and putting in a few hours on my regular research agenda, each week until our July vacation.

Oh, and there are book orders for the fall. And a personnel committee meeting. Oh, and I need to follow up on that research grant application. And get working on the next one. And there’s the conference paper for the end of the month, I need to pull that together, too!

Oh, lordie. I’d better stop thinking right now. I promised Mike I’d take off a day or two. Maybe Friday?

How’s your May shaping up? Crazily busy with conference trips, grading galore and classes still to meet? Or are any of you wrapping matters up already. Take a break from the grind and let us know!



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5 responses to “Out with the Old

  1. Cyn

    Time to celebrate! You are a Majestic Being Who Accomplished So Many Things! Woohoo!

    • J Liedl

      It feels great, I’ll agree. I just look at the rest of my to-do list and fret. So much done, so much to do, no?

      • Cyn

        I know…but sometimes you must pause and celebrate the accomplishments to date. It’s required. :)

  2. Wow! That’s super productive!

    • J Liedl

      It’s good to review accomplishments. I tend to think “Oh, this is my lighter term (with fewer classes), so I didn’t do so much” – but the rest of the time where I’d be marking and prepping is filled with yet more research and writing!