Pinteresting Books

I’ve joined Pinterest so I have a place to brainstorm about course readings. Seriously: it’s turning out to be a great tool as I plan for the fall term by pinning all the possible texts.

It was easy to start – I requested an invitation and received it later that same day. Now I have a couple of “boards” (i.e. subtopics) to which I can add images & links. So? Meet my history books lineup: mostly a listing of possibilities for the Tudor/Stuart senior seminars I’ll be teaching in Fall/Winter with a few other notes, here and there adding in a few prospects for western civ and the grad historical methods classes.

It’s a great way to consider a bunch of options at a glance – I can add and add to my heart’s content but I won’t be overwhelmed by long and unwieldy lists I fail to properly track for each course. And aren’t all those covers pretty? (Or at least most of them!)



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4 responses to “Pinteresting Books

  1. CK

    What a cool thing to do! Had never thought of using Pinterest to do that. You’re a genius. And those covers ARE pretty.

    • J Liedl

      I wouldn’t claim genius, but I am pretty happy with how easy it is to add and consider the books!

  2. Yours is the first use of Pinterest that seems like something that I would find worthwhile; the “pinning” of fashion and recipes hasn’t been something that interested me. But it looks like using it requires updating to the Facebook Timeline feature, which is something I’ve been avoiding, although of course I won’t be able to put it off much longer. Perhaps once the program upgrades me unwillingly, maybe I’ll try out Pinterest then for books that I think sound interesting and that I want to read at some point; I tend to forget about these, so it would be good to have a list someplace … and the covers do indeed look very pretty!

    • J Liedl

      It is a fun system and I agree that I’m less interested in fashion pinboards, so this use suits me just fine.

      If you don’t want to update Facebook, you can sign up for Pinterest using your Twitter handle. That’s what I did because I’m confining Facebook to its own browser (I got sick and tired of all those websites trying to integrate with Facebook).